The Story of Talents2Germany

The Story of Talents2Germany

The story of Talents2Germany begins with Mahbod, a gentleman from Iran whom I had met while working at my former company, Biz4d, which focused on corporate mentoring. He had applied to about 300 positions in Germany and had only received one job interview, which left him feeling extremely frustrated. No matter, how hard it was, Mahbod still kept fighting. When we met through lucky circumstances, I stepped in to assist Mahbod by helping him revise his documents and making personal connections for him. 

I had been a member of the National Board of JCI Germany. We have about 16,000 members: entrepreneurs, and leaders from all across the country. I’ve been president of JCI Frankfurt, with about 300 members. Through personal connections, we were able to link him with a few potential employers, enhance his documents, provide interview training, and ultimately help him secure multiple job offers.

The Need for Reliable Migration Support

When we discussed his options and offers he had received, he suddenly looked at me and said, “Eleonore, when you told me that this is going to happen, I thought, you don’t understand reality. And here I am, sitting and comparing even what is my dream destination. I never believed it would happen.” It was Mahbod who then pushed even Marek and me and said, “It is you who needs to start a business around it.”

Mahbod is from Iran, and according to him numerous agencies in Iran claim to assist individuals in migrating professionally to Germany and linking them with potential employers. Unfortunately, many of these agencies are involved in fraudulent activities. And even if they don’t, they lack a proper understanding of the German market. As a result, their efforts to help people in need often fall short. It was Mahbod who then very much encouraged us to turn this into an organization and business. We started with partnerships in Iran when we started, but then Iran pulled the plug and shut off the internet. At that point, we already had built partnerships and connections to India, Africa, and so forth

Global Expansion and Diverse Impact

So we then worked on the entire globe. Our candidates nowadays come from all across Asia, including lots of Indians, Pakistanis, and many individuals from African countries as well as from South America. The team at Talents2Germany currently consists of individuals from diverse locations around the world, so when you work with us, you are likely to encounter faces from Nigeria, Malawi, India, and many others during conversations with our team.

Beyond Migration: A Ripple Effect of Positive Change

We’ve had conversations where we asked each other, what motivates you to be here? And we’ve had this conversation with one of the members of our team, and he put it in words very, very well. He said: “What motivates me is more than the people that we help. I know that every person that we support has an average of 10-20 people that he supports with him. We know, of course, that people who migrate from countries with different currency, they very often send money back home. They help their siblings to go to school, and they help others in their family and extended family to get a better education.” So the impact is way beyond the person that we’re helping, and that is our motivation and our mission to make this world a better place.

Your Journey to Germany: A Personal Choice

Through every person that migrates to Germany and then helps another, we say 20 people on average get a better education, better life, and better professional opportunities for themselves in return. So whether migrating to Germany is right for you or not:? That is solely your choice!. But if it is a dream of yours and you are still looking for professional support, connecting you to employers, and so forth, you are most welcome to connect with our team. You can easily connect with us by clicking on the “Apply Now” button. And if it’s right for both sides, we may be meeting in person and who knows, maybe one day in Frankfurt. Wishing you very well.

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What Kind of Services Does Talents2Germany Provide?

Answer: Talents2Germany specializes in helping software engineers migrate to Germany. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Relocation Assistance: Guiding you through the logistical aspects of moving to Germany.

  • Technical Assessment: Evaluating your technical skills to match you with suitable job opportunities.

  • Technical Upskilling: Providing training to enhance your technical capabilities.

  • Language Training: Offering German language courses to ease your transition into a new cultural environment.

  • Document Preparation: Assisting in preparing essential documents required for migration and employment.

  • CV Organizing: Helping to format and optimize your CV for the German job market.

  • Training on Interview Preparation: Conducting mock interviews and providing tips to excel in job interviews in Germany.

What Are the Different Categories of Work Permits in Germany?

Answer: Germany offers various work permits, each suited to different qualifications and types of employment:

  • General Work Permit: This is available if you’ve secured a job in Germany that couldn’t be filled by an EU national. It doesn’t require extraordinary skills, just the necessary qualifications for the job.

  • Highly Skilled Worker Permit: Ideal for highly skilled professionals with significant experience and high income.

  • The EU Blue Card for Germany: Employees earning a minimum of €56,400 per year, or €43,992 in sectors facing a shortage of skilled workers are eligible to apply for Germany’s EU Blue Card.
  • Work Permit for Freelancers: Suitable for freelancers or self-employed individuals who can demonstrate prospective client engagements

FAQ: Which countries does Talents2Germany cater to?

Answer: Countries: Open to All. Our assistance primarily focuses on bridging the gap created by differences in demographic structures. Many countries have a surplus of well-educated young professionals but face a shortage of job opportunities. 

On the other hand, Germany is experiencing a demographic shift with an aging population, creating a wealth of opportunities for young, high-performing individuals.

FAQ: When was Talents2Germany founded?

Answer: This journey began around one and a half years ago. Initially, it was under my company, that we began laying the groundwork by establishing processes and procedures. We kicked into full gear in January 2023, still operating under our original branding.

Interestingly, Maverick, my colleague, also had his previous venture, Confabs, so our initial operations were under the umbrella of our prior companies. Then, a significant milestone occurred in July 2023 – we formally incorporated. This means you can find our official registry details dating back to July 2023.

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