Comprehensive 9-Month Journey

Talents2Germany’s comprehensive 9-month journey ensures that candidates are well-prepared, confident, and equipped to excel in their careers as they transition to Germany. Our holistic approach covers language proficiency, administrative processes, soft skills, technical expertise, and cultural integration, providing candidates with a strong foundation for success.


What is the 9-Month Journey

We have a 9-month journey that incorporates four tracks to enhance our candidate’s skills, named Language learning track, visa and relocation preparation, job success preparation, and technical upskilling track.

On-going Support Throughout the Journey

Mentorship & Guidance: Candidates receive mentorship from industry professionals who offer insights, advice, and career guidance.

Personalized Support: Our team remains accessible to address candidates’ queries, concerns, and challenges at every step.

Networking Opportunities: Candidates are introduced to our network of employers, fellow candidates, and alumni, fostering a community of support.

Placement Assistance: Our team actively connects candidates with potential employers, ensuring the best possible match based on skills and aspirations.

Continued Learning: Beyond the 9-month journey, candidates have access to resources for ongoing learning and growth in the German tech ecosystem.

What We Expect from You

Commitment to Learning: Candidates should be committed to actively participating in the learning journey, including language courses, technical workshops, and skill enhancement sessions. They should demonstrate a willingness to invest time and effort to upskill and improve their expertise.

Strong Work Ethic: You can expect candidates to approach the program with a strong work ethic, taking assignments seriously and giving their best effort in each stage of the journey.

Cultural Adaptability: As migration involves transitioning to a new culture, candidates should display a willingness to adapt and integrate into the German work culture and society.

Professionalism: Candidates should exhibit professionalism in their interactions,  communications, and behavior, both during the program and in their future work environments.

Strong Communication Skills: Effective communication, both verbal and written, is essential.  Candidates should be able to convey ideas, express thoughts, and engage in professional discussions.

Active Participation: Candidates are expected to actively engage in workshops, training sessions, and networking opportunities, making the most of the resources provided to them.