How a Software Engineer from Iran Inspired the start of Talents2Germany

Many professionals from non-EU countries who aspire to come to Germany face a common challenge: they send out hundreds of job applications and often receive no response from German employers at all. From the employer’s perspective, there are valid reasons for this situation. They often receive thousands of applications of varying quality, encounter complicated and opaque hiring processes, and struggle with a lack of predictability in their workforce planning.

The Iranian Software Engineer’s Struggle This is where the Frankfurt-based StartUp Talents2Germany steps in, aiming to assist candidates who are specifically looking to relocate to Germany. The inspiration behind this initiative came from a software engineer from Iran with four years of experience in PHP development, a portfolio of patents, and proficiency in German at C1 level. After submitting 300 applications and facing desperation, our team optimized his application materials and introduced him to five employers, resulting in five job offers. He could then choose the employer that best suited his needs.

The Birth of Talents2Germany

Motivated by the realization that professionals from around the world want to come to Germany but only a few succeed, the Talents2Germany team was formed. As an experienced headhunter, Marek understands why most candidates from non-EU countries struggle in practice: long visa processes, unclear application documentation, insufficient knowledge of the German language, and more.

Meet the Talents2Germany Team

Together with co-founder Eleonore Wall, who has spent years recruiting software developers globally and understands the differences in work cultures and practices, the Talents2Germany team has developed a 9-month upskilling curriculum for software developers. This curriculum includes learning German up to B1 level, technical skill enhancement, project management, AI, cybersecurity, cloud technology, and addressing typical cultural differences in work practices.

Empowering Software Developers

All participating software developers have a minimum of two years of professional experience. They aim to come to Germany as highly qualified professionals under the BlueCard scheme and belong to the top 5% of performers in their respective countries.

Selecting the Cream of the Crop

To be selected, these candidates must go through multiple screening processes. Some candidates can self-fund their participation, such as applicants from Saudi Arabia. However, for the majority of candidates, the startup seeks employers willing to take patronship of their 9-month preparation period.

Patronship Program

Patronship Program: Talents2Germany identifies the candidates, and employers have the opportunity to get to know them during a remote working period of up to 9 months before bringing them to Germany. During this trial period, a monthly stipend ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 euros, depending on the country of origin and currency differences, covers all expenses.

Benefits for Employers

Complaining about employers is easy, but the reality is that this process poses a real challenge for employers as well. Particularly in medium-sized companies, beyond large corporations, where only a handful of hires occur per role per year. Establishing the infrastructure and knowledge required for international recruitment with relocation is hardly feasible.

Employers benefit in two ways: they not only gain access to candidates who are increasingly scarce in Germany but also have them prepared for integration, reducing the burden on the HR department for the entire relocation process.

Bridging the Gap

Every problem requires solutions, and it is valuable to directly assist those who are determined to come to Germany but struggle to succeed on their own.