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Elevate your career in Germany!

How to Get a job in Germany Successfully

What visa types are available? What are the chances for software engineers in Germany? How does my competition look like? How can I get ahead of my competition? What support can I receive? This any many more are touched upon in this video.

Story of Mahbod

Meet Mahbod in our inspiring video journey! 300 applications and only 1 interview before we were able to help him. Witness how Mahbod not only secures a job but also fulfills his dream of migrating from Iran to Germany. It’s a testament to the impactful opportunities we can create for professionals like Mahbod in the pursuit of a successful career growth and a new beginning. Maybe your story will show here next?

Make sure, you have watched the videos before you attempt the quiz. You can take the quiz only 2 times. This will give us higher level of confidence that you are a strong performer. The quality filtering is what German employers need from us.

Candidate's Assesment
I don't have any particular motivation for Germany. A job anywhere is good enough as long as they pay me well.
Personal growth in a technically challenging environment, better support, and a future for my family.
None, it is okay to just look around and get an idea of opportunities coming my way.
Always be prepared, on time, and make the best professional impression.
Support with Visa.
Relocation upon arrival.
Connecting with employers.
Get job upfront then start learning.
German language learning.
The moment a job offer is received, it is too late.
They do not fail in getting a job in Germany; they succeed the same way Germans do.
Not understanding that they can earn a premium compared to Germans, which requires premium ethics, mindset, and behavior.
There is extremely high competition from many countries for a few English-speaking jobs.
They need strong people.
They want to save costs.
None. Talents2Germany provides support only to EU job seekers to successfully obtain a job in Germany.
Talents2Germany connects you with potential employers in Germany.
Talents2Germany helps adjust your CV and presentation to the level German employers appreciate, and provides guidance through German language training, visa, and relocation upon arrival.
Additional overhead costs such as relocation, visa, cultural integration, and additional training.
Additional risk, such as the candidate not being able to make it on time for the first workday.
There is no difficulty in hiring non-EU candidates; they are saving costs on cheap labor from other countries.
Equal to the number of job opportunities for German speakers.
I don't have to worry about anything. Talents2Germany will do everything for me.
Talents2Germany will assist me in connecting with employers and I will need to showcase my skills and pass the technical assessments to secure the job.
By possessing strong technical skills, even without knowing the German language.

Please ensure you have watched the videos. You have max 2 attempts before being blocked. Future employers will equally expect understanding without multiple rounds of re-iteration. GOOD LUCK!