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Quick Overview of Journey & Welcome.

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William Ruto
In our country, young people graduate as doctors and engineers and then become taxi drivers. Simply because there aren't enough jobs and institutional capacity for qualified people. So, it is not that we are losing people but we are sharing resources. This is a good opportunity for our people to grow. They now don't drive a taxi but work as a professional in their field and invest back in their families and our country as a result.
Eleonore Wall
We never know the impact we are making. What seems simple to us may be meaningful to another person. Therefore, the best approach we can adopt is to show up and be present in the lives of those around us.
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Marek Scheier
With 14 years of experience, Marek has had the privilege of guiding numerous talents to new opportunities in Germany. His primary focus is on their growth and success, rather than solely catering to the needs of employers. For Marek witnessing the achievements of these individuals is his ultimate reward.
Anette Baum
Recruiting professionals from abroad goes beyond simply filling gaps in our country's workforce. It is a process that opens up doors of opportunities for dedicated people.
Poorvi Kolge
When doing something aim for perfection, no matter how difficult the process is, you have to keep trying to discover new limits you never knew existed.
Ransom Ahanmisi
There are people who motivate us to do what we do, their living style, and the way how they strive to support their family are what push us to our limits.
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