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Marek Scheier
Champions the future of talent, focusing on empowering candidates with life-changing opportunities in Germany.
McDonnex Thyolera Kamsonga
Adept in both technology and consultation, our Software Engineer & Process Consultant is pivotal in guiding candidates through Talents2Germany's intricate processes.
Poorvi Kolge
Poorvi plays a crucial role in enhancing the digital experience for candidates, ensuring smooth navigation through our services, from language learning to job success preparation.
Eszter Nemeh
Eszter excels in connecting candidates with our diverse offerings, fostering timely solutions and continuous improvement, driven by the transformative power of every interaction to craft success stories. For Eszter connecting talented individuals with opportunities is not just a role; it's a chance to shape success stories.
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Migration to Germany: Welcome

Step into your future with Talents2Germany! Watch our CEO extend a warm welcome to aspiring candidates in an exclusive video. Discover the vision, values, and exciting opportunities that await you on your journey to success in Germany.

In our country young people graduate as doctors and engineers and then become a taxi driver. Simply because there aren’t enough jobs and institutional capacity for the people that are qualified. So: it is not that we are losing people but we are sharing resources. This is a good opportunity for our people to grow. They now don’t drive a taxi but work as a professional in their field and invest back in their families and our country as a result.

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About Talents2Germany

Talents2Germany is an organization with a dedicated mission to assist software engineers, and occasionally other engineers, in physically relocating to Germany. We offer a comprehensive nine-month program where participants learn the German language among other skills, and connect them with potential employers.