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William Ruto
In our country, young people graduate as doctors and engineers and then become taxi drivers. Simply because there aren't enough jobs and institutional capacity for qualified people. So, it is not that we are losing people but we are sharing resources. This is a good opportunity for our people to grow. They now don't drive a taxi but work as a professional in their field and invest back in their families and our country as a result.
Eleonore Wall
Our CEO at Talents2Germany, believes privilege brings responsibility and aims to address global inequality by leveraging her advantages for those less fortunate. Growing up in Germany gave her a sense of duty to help others. Despite facing hardships, including being a migrant and a woman, these experiences fueled her mission to create systems that assist thousands, transcending individual efforts.
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Marek Scheier
Marek, our CEO at Talents2Germany, champions the future of talent, focusing on empowering candidates with life-changing opportunities in Germany.
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