Tech Triumph: Talents2Germany

Mastering the 9-month Journey

Explore the 9-month migration journey with Talents2Germany in this 2-minute video. From initial preparations to career placement, witness how we guide experienced software engineers through a comprehensive process, paving the way for success. See how you can master migration with us and unlock professional opportunities in Germany’s innovative landscape!

Pricing Model

Get a sneak peek into the pricing model of Talents2Germany, crafted specifically for IT professionals planning to migrate to Germany. We offer a transparent pricing structure, ranging from carefree options to pay-after-success models. Our goal is to provide as many individuals as possible with the opportunity to become a part of Germany’s vibrant tech industry.

Patronship or Full Program

Discover Talents2Germany’s new “Patronship” initiative! Some may be fortunate enough to secure a sponsorship designed for experienced software engineers. Alternatively, you could opt for the ‘Full Program,’ taking control of fees independently to maintain autonomy in your career journey in Germany. Both options cater to different needs in terms of speed and control. Is “Patronship” the right opportunity for you, or do you prefer the “Full Program”?

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