Navigating Approval of the Federal Employment Agency Process

Navigating Approval of the Federal Employment Agency Process:

Hi, I’m Eleonore co-CEO at Talents2Germany, and in this article, I’ll be unraveling the intricacies of obtaining labor market approval in Germany, a crucial step in your visa or residence permit application process. This term might be unfamiliar to you, but it’s a significant document issued by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Germany’s federal employment agency.

Understanding Labor Market Approval

When applying for a visa or a residence permit in Germany, particularly after receiving a job offer, you might encounter the requirement of obtaining approval from the federal employment agency. This internal document is often requested by German authorities during the application process. It’s essential to understand that as an applicant, you cannot directly apply for this; however, there are ways to expedite the process.

Steps to Obtain Pre-Approval

Having pre-approval in place before beginning your application process can potentially save up to two weeks of waiting time. 

  1. Employer’s Role: Pre-approval aims to expedite your visa or residence permit application process. It can only be requested by your employer on your behalf.
  2. Required Documentation: Your employer must fill out a declaration of employment, and submit your work contract, job description, and certificates proving your academic degree’s recognition in Germany.
  3. Submission Process: These documents are then submitted to the federal employment agency website. 
  4. Chargeable Fee: A fee of 411 euros is charged once the approval is provided.

The Review Process

During the review process, the employment agency assesses various factors like your salary level, qualifications, and job role. The goal is to ensure that your employment conditions align with what a domestic employee would receive. This verification process is aimed at preventing underpayment or job roles mismatched to your qualifications.

Recommendations and Tips

  • Early Application: We recommend that employers and candidates start this process as soon as they receive a job offer.
  • Employer Hotline: Employers can utilize the agency’s hotline for inquiries and assistance during the process.
  • Seeking Help: If you find the process complex, consider working with a relocation agency or directly calling the federal employment agency for guidance.

The Role of Pre-Approval

A pre-approval from the employment agency can significantly speed up your application process. This is where your employer plays a crucial role. By submitting a declaration of employment, your work contract, job description, and proof of your academic qualifications, your employer can initiate the pre-approval process. This step is particularly beneficial at the start of your journey to Germany, as it can shorten the waiting period by up to two weeks.

Seeking Assistance

Navigating this process can sometimes be complex. Getting in touch with Talents2Germany or directly contacting the federal employment agency’s employer hotline can be immensely helpful. I highly recommend discussing the possibility of obtaining a pre-approval with your employer at the outset. It’s a step that can save valuable time and streamline your application process.

If you’re at the beginning of obtaining a visa or residence permit for Germany, proactively seeking pre-approval through your employer is a wise move. It simplifies the procedure and ensures a smoother transition. For any assistance or questions, feel free to reach out to us for our relocation services. We’re here to help you navigate these processes. Best wishes for your application, and I look forward to your comments and queries.

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