Hiring Project Managers: Communication Strength or Technical Expertise?

Can effective project management be achieved through communication strengths or technical expertise when hiring project managers?

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Tuesday, 30 April, 11:00 AM CET

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This webinar delves into whether technical expertise suffices for project management. We assert mastering project management concepts is crucial. Project managers excel in planning, teamwork, and stakeholder communication. Angela Merkel’s leadership illustrates the primacy of decision-making over technical prowess. In a real-world scenario, a technically adept project manager faltered due to a lack of project fundamentals understanding. The dialogue underscores the need for a comprehensive project management mindset. Join us for insights at our event.



Tuesday, 30 April, 11:00 AM CET


Khadijeh boasts 10+ years of experience as a Certified project manager, Leading teams, Projects in telecommunication sector. She is a certified in PMP and CCNA, having an exceptional collaboration skills and ability to effectively collaborate with stakeholders and cross-functional teams. She also possess a strong ability to drive innovation and apply best processes to improve project project results.

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